“Our pizzas sing with happiness and love”

do they, Really?


The journey starts with our dough, all made from scratch in our kitchen. Using only flour, water, yeast, and a little salt, the dough is mixed at a slow speed before being shaped by hand into dough balls ready for proving. We use only speciality Italian flour, and employ a long slow yeast fermentation process which can last anywhere from 24 to 48 hours. This process, together with a skilled hand stretching technique is essential to achieve the light airy crust and thin fragrant base of our pizzas.

San Marzano tomatoes from the Sarnese Nocerino of Italy are prized for their fantastic, full flavour and are the base for our sauce, ready to be topped with buffalo mozzarella, our selection of authentic Italian meats, and local Kentish produce.

The oven plays a very important role in the final product too. Our bespoke pizza oven was handmade just for us in Italy, and as the centrepiece of KingShed it must be seen to be believed!

That’s why our pizzas sing with happiness and love!